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About EdgeTune

Looking for the latest hand-held ceramic edge grinding tool, but can't afford a SnowGlide or DiscMan? EdgeTune Pro is the answer, with outstanding performance at a fraction of the price!

EdgeTune Pro grinds a very sharp ski edge quickly & easily to an 89°, 88° or 87° side bevel angle. The fine grit ceramic grinding stone removes less material than hand files for a smoother edge finish. Please note the edge cannot be bevelled to 90°.


EdgeTune Pro II Kit

EdgeTune Pro Kit

1 Diamond/Gummi Stone Assembly

EdgeTune Instructions

What's In The Kit?

1 Precision Aluminium Guide Bracket
3 Ceramic Grinding Stones
1 Dressing Stone
1 Diamond/Gummi Stone Assembly
4 Ski Brake Holders
1 Edge Marker Pen
1 Pair Safety Glasses


+ £4.50 postage & packing
Non-UK postage will be charged accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Very accurate, assuming you start with a flat base and follow the instructions. The ceramic grinding top surface should be dressed square. The bevel angle glide strips have a thickness tolerance of only ±3%, and the overall bevel angle tolerance is ±1/10°. Even the pros could not detect such a slight variation!

No. The EdgeTune Pro bracket precise adjustment screws that guard against uneven or excessive edge grinds - all that is required are smooth, gentle strokes of the tool along the edge (ie, simply let the tool do the work). The ceramic stone is a very fine #600 grit (like fine emery cloth) and removes only a few thousandths of an inch per pass - significantly less material removal than a sharp hand file. The ceramic stone also has extremely low heat generation, preventing any edge steel material tempering. Edge durability is enhanced through slight work hardening, which is true of all grinders.

The new EdgeTune Pro design provides extremely long stone life. The kit includes 3 stones which should last for years.

Only EdgeTune Pro can grind a hollow radius edge! All 3 provide an excellent, smooth sharp edge superior to hand filing. EdgeTune™ Pro has a finer grit, which provides less striations (smoother surface finish) with less material removal and less heat. This saves the edge material, and is ideal for re-sharpening the edge without changing bevel angels significantly.

Black & Decker RTX and Dremel (Craftsman). These are the popular models that have a US threaded bezel for screw-on accessories like a flex shaft. European and Asian rotary tools with metric threads (like Clarke, Yeyi and several others) are not compatible at this time. EdgeTune Pro is compatible with all international Dremels having a screw-on accessory collar.

Yes. Dremels work great with EdgeTune Pro, especially the variable speed corded models and the new Dremel Lithium Ion cordless 8000, 8200 series. Rotary power tools should be rated 25,000 RPM or higher.

No. EdgeTune, Inc. has no business affiliation with any rotary tool manufacturer. All rotary tool manufacturer warranty and service needs must follow the guidelines included in their instructions.

If the problem is with the rotary tool, follow the instructions that came with the tool. For all other problems, please get in touch with us.