Ski Servicing

Ski & Race Services

What's Included?

Base clean
Fine belt grind
Base edge sharpen
Side edge sharpen
Hot wax
Base structure and polish
Holes & scratches repaired*
(Indutrial p-tex used)

* Significant base repairs may cost a little more (subject to viewing).

How Much?


For simplicity, we offer just one servicing package.

Discounts available to instructors, BASI members, Ski Club of Great Britain members and for more than 4 sets of equipment.

What To Do

1. Fill in a service form for each pair of skis or snowboard.

  Service form

2. Attach your reference number(s) or printed form(s) to your equipment.

3. Drop off your equipment at
Alpine Snowsports Centre
Gallwey Road
GU11 2DD

That's it! We'll give you a call once we know when your equipment will be ready (usually within a week).